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The world is full of beautiful landscapes. The USA is blessed with a multitude of national parks. Colors and patterns shape landscapes everywhere. Mountains, seas, thermal formations, sand dunes, eroded rock, all combine to create scenic views. Dawn and dusk are prime times for capturing landscapes, but a clear and starry night sky with the Milky Way can also open our eyes into the universe.
Hills and ShadowsMagnificent DunesDead Trees #4Morning RoundupOld Whaling StationThe HikersQuiver Tree LineSand TapestryPeaceful FieldMilky Way DunesGrand Prismatic OverviewBarn in the FallHands of RockNature At Its BestSand Dunes DawnSand Dunes DawnZion LayersBelogradchik RocksLavendar FieldsSunrise Reflected